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The Molecular Mechanism of Obesity and Breast Cancer

Prof. Dr. It is a book written by Atilla Engin that discusses the molecular principles of obesity, which is extremely important in the pathogenesis of many diseases, especially cardiovascular problems and cancer, with nearly a thousand sources under twenty-five titles and contains useful information for those interested in obesity.

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Stories of Journeys Through Breast Cancer

In this book, you will find the magnificent stories, sadness, anxieties, losses, unyielding struggles, successes and return to normal life bravely shared with us by our heroic women who came across at different stages of their lives and who have struggled with the same disease and succeeded.

In these stories, other patients who have just met or struggled with the disease will find pieces of themselves, information and feelings to support them, and see that they are not alone.

“The most beautiful people we know are those who have experienced defeat and suffering, struggled, suffered losses and managed to get out of these depths.

These people understand life, appreciate it and are sensitive, so they are full of sincere love and concern, kindness, and compassion.

Beautiful people do not just come into being. ” (Elizabeth Kubler Ross)

I met these beautiful people as my patients, I tried to understand them and be useful by doing my best. I learned and learn new things every day from my patients. In these stories, I discovered emotions that I hadn’t noticed despite all these years. It is the most important gift of my professional life that these beautiful people accept me as their friends, apart from being their doctor.

We expect your participation in our new book in which you will share your experiences with your doctors, your expectations, sorrows and happiness during this process.

Dear Canan, I thank you on behalf of the whole world for your contributions in this project that has turned from an idea into a book, and for your sincere love, care, delicacy and compassion for breast cancer patients,

Dear friends of writers, I know that you are back to those days while writing your experiences, each one more valuable than the other, but believe me, one day you will have a great support that you will never know for a person you do not know. Thanks you will never hear again. Thanks to all of you on behalf of the whole world for your sincerity, courage and support to humanity,

Our dear readers who have met breast cancer in their lives, every color of life is for all people. Do not forget that all the beautiful colors are waiting for you, although black and gray tones sometimes come to us very much. May courage full of hope light your way ….

Dr. Ercüment H. TEKİN

January 2014, Ankara

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