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Ways to Reduce Cancer Risk with Lifestyle Changes

Dear readers, Unfortunately, there is no formula to grow today. Despite a perfect and attentive healthy life, people can get cancer. Genetic features play an important role in its development. However, it should be known that all cancers in adults can be lived with a lifestyle and the risk can be reduced with a careful […]

Radiology In Breast Cancer Imaging

Breast cancer affects one in eight women throughout her life. Although also seen in men, it is much rarer. While the risk of contracting breast cancer in men is 0.1% throughout their lives, it is 12-13% in women. Growing awareness, early diagnosis with screening methods and the development in treatment methods have substantially lowered the […]

Biological Clock Adjustment

Dr.Atilla Engin, MD, phD, Professor of General Surgery There is a center in the brain that adapts the human body to night/day changes. This center along with many hormonal and metabolic activities during daylight regulates the behaviour of the person as well. Therefore all metabolic conditions become coordinated with the outside environment (Hastings et al.2003). […]

Dense Breast Structure and Breast Cancer

When compared, women with a dense breast structure carry a higher risk of breast cancer. Those with a dense breast structure should consult their doctor about the risks and benefits of further examination methods and decide accordingly. Radiology Specialist Dr.Işıl Tunçbilek from The Private Medsentez Polyclinic gave information on the relationship between dense breast tissue […]

Coping With Stress

All of us confront stress everyday; in traffic, while late for work, when the children refuse to do their homework, when we have financial problems, etc. It would be unrealistic to wait for a stress-free life as things will not always turn out as we expect and we will go through stress when we meet […]


What is lymphedema? Our cells live in a fluid environment. The fluid in which the cells live in is called the lymph fluid. The system that moderates the amount of this fluid in the body is called the lymphatic system. The lymph fluid circulates through the body through lymph ducts. In the lymphatic system, there […]

What Is The Meaning Of The Pink Ribbon?

The Message Behind the Pink Ribbon is EARLY DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT IN CANCER SAVES LIVES BE AWARE: Early diagnosis saves lives. COMMUNICATE  Encourage your family, friends and all of your social circle to get regular breast examinations and mammography screening after the age 40. WIN  Enjoy life. Stay healthy by exercising regularly and eating a diet […]