Patient Rights

1.Benefits From Health Care in General

The right to benefit from activities that promote a healthy living and preventive health services in accordance with the principles of justice and fairness.

2.Access to Equal Health Care

The right to receive services without taking into account race,language,religion,sect,political opinion,philosophical belief,economic and social status.


The right to be informed about all services and possibilities.

4.To Choose and Change Health Care Provider

The right to choose and change,and to benefit from the health services provided by the chosen health care provider.

5. To Know,Choose and Change the Staff

The right to be informed of the identities,duties and titles of the physicians and other staff who provide the health care and to choose and change them.

6.Ask For İnformation

The right to ask for all verbal and written information on one’s health status..

7. Privacy

The right to receive all types of health care in a private environment.

8.Consent and Permission

The right to give consent in medical interventions and receive health care accordingly.

9.Refuse and End

The right to refuse and end treatment.


The right to receive health care in a safe environment.

11.To Fulfill Religous Obligations

The right to fulfill religous obligations within the possible limitations of the establishment and the measures of the mamagement.


The right to receive health care with respect, care, attention, friendliness, kindness and gentleness.


The right to receive health care in a totally healthy environment without noise or other disturbing factors.


The right to accept visitors in accordance with the rules and principles of the establishment.


The right to ask for companion if the physician agrees and in accordance with the limitations of the regulations and the health care establihments.

16.Apply, Complain and the Right to Sue

The right to submit all types of applications, all complaints and to use the right to sue in case of violation of rights in accordance with the law.

17.Continuous Service

The right to benefit from health care services for as long as necessary.