Our Services

What are our services?


  • Digital mammography
  • 3 dimension digital mammography (Digital Tomosynthesis)


  • Fine needle aspiration biopsy
  • Core needle biopsy
  • Wire localisation and breast biopsy
  • Stereotactic Vacuum biopsy


  • Abdominopelvic US
  • Abdominal US
  • Pelvic US
  • Hepatobiliary US
  • Renal US
  • Urinary system US
  • Parotid-Submandibular gland US
  • Hip US
  • Breast US
  • Thyroid US
  • Scrotal US
  • Transvaginal US
  • Transcranial US
  • Neck US
  • Superficial tissue US
  • Folliculometry-abdominal/vaginal

Color Doppler Us

  • Carotid-Vertebral arterial CDUS
  • Transcranial CDUS
  • Scrotal CDUS
  • Transvaginal CDUS
  • Breast CDUS
  • Lower extremity deep/superficial perforating veins CDUS
  • Lower extremity arterial CDUS
  • Aortoiliac CDUS
  • Upper extremity vein CDUS
  • Abdominal aorta/Celiac trunk/Superior mesenteric artery-vein CDUS
  • Arteriovenous fistula CDUS
  • Upper extremity arterial CDUS
  • Portal vein/hepatic vein CDUS
  • Thyroid CDUS
  • Mass lesion CDUS

Bone Mineral Densıty Measurement

  • Whole body
  • Vertebral (AP + lateral)
  • Proximal femur

All Blood Tests and Laboratory Servıces

Pathology Examinations

Digital Mammography: This device creates an image with a lower dose of radiation by applying less compression to the breast compared to analog-conventional mammography. By creating the highest desired contrast and resolution in images, the highest diagnostic accuracy values ​​are achieved.

Digital Tomosynthesis (3D Mammography): This device, which was developed due to the decrease in the diagnostic accuracy of mammography in people with dense breast structure, performs 3-dimensional examination by taking cross-sectional images from the breast. In this way, the rate of detecting lesions that can be overlooked in 2-dimensional examination increases.

Bone Mineral Density measuring device: By scanning the bones in the body in a short time, it detects the degree of fragility of the bones before a fracture occurs, helps to perform preventive treatments for bone resorption and to follow the response to treatment.

Color Doppler Ultrasonography Device: This device, which can examine all organs and tissues in different body types, contributes to diagnostic accuracy by determining the vascular properties of normal tissues and pathological masses with high resolution. With its elastography function, it determines the hardness of tissues, helps to make an accurate diagnosis, and distinguishes tissues that require biopsy. It also allows the measurements to be defined securely in breast and thyroid examinations and to create DICOM®SR compliant summaries.