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Özel Medsentez Polyclinic

Due to their hectic schedules, working women tend to delay or neglect their breast check-ups which take long hours at hospitals. This results in greater difficulties and a rise in costs and sometimes even a loss in lives.

Our center has been established to meet this need. In our center, it is possible to complete the breast and endocrinology examinations and all other tests related, rapidly in a centrally located, reliable and pleasant environment.

  • Especially patients who have fears about breast cancer and going to the doctor can be sure that our specialist staff will welcome them with a warm and friendly manner.
  • Our appointment system enables the patient to go through the doctor’s examination and radiological examination without having to wait.
  • After the breast and thyroid examinations, if necessary for diagnosis, fine needle or core needle biopsy procedures are painlessly applied on the same day.
  • The blood-urine and microbiological tests and the evaluation of the pathology results are carefully carried out by our affiliate laboratory.
  • Updated training and support by a specialist doctor and nurse on breast health and self examination are given to all women.
  • Our polyclinic is centrally located and easy to reach by public transportation or your private vehicle.Open and closed parking lots are available.

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